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WLE Cherry Cheesecake Honeycomb Concentrate


Hybrid    THC 78.31%.    CBD <LOQ

Primary Terpenes: 

Caryophyllene 1.5%     Humulene 0.5%     Limonene 0.4%


Don’t eat it. Even though it looks like a tiny cross-section of some delectable cheesecake, this is still actually cannabis extract. White Label Extracts’ Honeycomb is fluffy and golden in appearance, reflecting the purity of their extraction method. Honeycomb preserves the rich, aromatic flavor of the original flowers for an authentic homage that is all the more potent.

The result is a delicious cherry and dark chocolate smell and a sweet sugary aftertaste. Cherry Cheesecake is the product of Kimbo Kush and Cherry Pie—perfect for after-dinner socializing, stimulating conversation and a chipper, positive demeanor. Some users report that it makes them feel more confident and sure of themselves, while others note that it just helps them to be present. In either case, Cherry Cheesecake is a phenomenal daytime strain if you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere.

White Label Extracts shares our goal of delivering the safest, highest quality product possibly while operating with high ethical standards.

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