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Winberry Farms Dolato 1 gram Vape Cartridge


Hybrid    THC 80.6%.    CBD 3.16%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Winberry Farms Dolato is pronounced “dough-lot-oh,” like you got a whole lotta dough, and its name is a portmanteau of its parents: Do-Si-Dos and Gelato. If the reason you like indica is that you want to be sedated—or maybe just take things down a notch—then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Dolato delivers on that expectation and so much more.

First, the vapor’s aroma is both surprising and delightful, featuring a scent that is both earthy and fruity at the same time. Second, it tastes like sweet lavender because Winberry farms enchants all their vape cartridges with botanically-derived terpenes and natural flavors.

Dolato offers a powerful high that helps you feel euphoric and completely at ease, blasting residual funk from the far reaches of your brain and soothing the sorest corners of your body. This is a great vape for a long day hike or for chilling out on the passenger’s side of your best friend’s ride—as long as you’re not the one driving, you’ll be in the clear.

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Winberry Farms


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