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Winberry Farms Mango Super Silver Haze Infused Pre Rolls


Hybrid    THC 21.2%.    CBG 0.55%.    CBD 0.36%  

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


There’s only three words that can possibly describe the flavor of Winberry Farms Mango Super Silver Haze Infused Pre Rolls: Lip. Smacking. Good. You’ll notice the light and sweet tang of mango before you even light it up and each hit is chased with an aftertaste like fruit punch. Make sure to hit it lightly or you’ll end up hacking up a lung. But even your coughs will taste delicious, so maybe that’s a good thing!

The high from Mango Super Silver Haze is silky smooth and it comes on fast like the lift you might get from a straight shot of espresso. It starts with a rush up your spine that zooms up and down before settling somewhere in your lower back. This is the kind of cool, clear high that lets you focus on getting things done without having to worry about crashing later.

If you save one of these joints for late night, it can add a surprising cherry to the top of an already sensual date night. Splitting a spliff with your significant other can create an unparalled feeling of physical connection. Wowzers!

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