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Winberry Farms SFV OG 1 gram Distillate Vape Cartridge


Hybrid    THC 80.6%.    CBD 3.16%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


The sun-kissed hills of the San Fernando Valley are the warm embrace that encircles Los Angeles in California, and this strain is named for the same warm uplifting feeling you might get from waking up for a beachside bike ride at sunrise. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a strong but gentle pick-me-up. San Fernando Valley is best shared with friends when you’ve got no schedule and no agenda, but it’s also a fine solo flight if you’re not in a position to deal with other people.

On your first puff, you’ll notice a bright citrus flavor like a shiny new lemon underscored by a musky, earthy sweetness. Immediately, a sense of carefree euphoria blankets you like a sunbeam, offering a sudden cheerfulness that may lead to bouts of spontaneous laughter. This gives way to a lasting sense of comfort and relief that ebbs and flows like the surf against the sand.

This THC-dominant distillate is enhanced with botanically-derived terpenes and natural flavors for a taste that is as delightful and transportive as the effects of the cannabinoids.

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