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Winberry Farms SFV OG 1 gram Distillate Vape Cartridge


Hybrid    THC 80.6%.    CBD 3.16%

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


The sun-kissed hills of the San Fernando Valley are the warm embrace that encircles Los Angeles in California, and this strain is named for the same warm uplifting feeling you might get from waking up for a beachside bike ride at sunrise. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a strong but gentle pick-me-up. San Fernando Valley is best shared with friends when you’ve got no schedule and no agenda, but it’s also a fine solo flight if you’re not in a position to deal with other people.

On your first puff, you’ll notice a bright citrus flavor like a shiny new lemon underscored by a musky, earthy sweetness. Immediately, a sense of carefree euphoria blankets you like a sunbeam, offering a sudden cheerfulness that may lead to bouts of spontaneous laughter. This gives way to a lasting sense of comfort and relief that ebbs and flows like the surf against the sand.

This THC-dominant distillate is enhanced with botanically-derived terpenes and natural flavors for a taste that is as delightful and transportive as the effects of the cannabinoids.

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Winberry Farms prides their operation in being 100% local. They were founded in 2015 by a group of friends: Dustin Jessup, Kevin Spence, and BJ Maks. Their families own an idyllic plot of land in the southern Willamette Valley about thirty miles southeast of Eugene. The farm is watered naturally by nearby Winberry Creek, which lends the company its name. In the beginning, it was a small grassroots organization where everybody was required to wear many hats. There weren't any full-time employees besides the founders, only friends and family willing to lend a helping hand. That spirit of communal effort really paid off, and now Winberry Farms has a team of almost thirty people. They've even got a dog who's responsible for Paw Outreach—you can email Barley Brown here.
When Oregon passed Measure 91 in 2014, Winberry Farms became one of the first recreational cannabis farms to be licensed by the state. They specialize in naturally sungrown cannabis sourced from quality genetics, and they aren't afraid to break new ground. In the beginning, their grow was modeled after organic and biodynamic farming practices that include allowing the plants to grow up around the natural plants and animals in the area. Plants were cultivated in large 65-gallon pots that use a custom organic soilless growth medium.
As time has gone on, Winberry Farms invited knowledgeable people from the cannabis industry to help them refine their methods and their product. They experimented with local soil grows to take advantage of Willamette Valley's unique local chemistry and developed an innovative use of hoop houses to keep moisture off their plants. Now they're focused on making the cleanest, purest oil possible and ensuring consistency from batch to batch through exhaustive attention to detail.
Winberry Farms believes that strong relationships are the key to success. They're serious about getting things right but they're also serious about having a fun time. The best concentrates come from plants that have been carefully cultivated using organic processes and natural fertilizers, and that's been Winberry's specialty from the very beginning.
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