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WLE Candy Apple Honeycomb


Sativa     THC 80.5%     CBD 0.13%    

Primary Terpenes: 

β-caryophyllene 0.93%    β-myrcene 0.16%    


White Label Extracts’Candy Apple Honeycomb is not an edible. Don’t try to eat it. However, it smells delicious enough (red delicious, in fact) that you’ll probably be tempted. This honeycomb extract perfectly preserves the original notes of tropical fruits like pineapple blanketed over a smooth and creamy vanilla base. It’s like a delicacy you can vape with an aftertaste of sour apple.

Candy Apple Honeycomb is uplifting to some, but to most it provides simple relief, clearing your mind of all negative emotions to make room for happiness and a sense of motivation. Instead of wiring you up, this is a Sativa that chills you out with a mood-elevating boost. People who are looking to get lifted without getting knocked out are going to love the way Candy Apple gently sends you aloft.

Unlike sticky rosin or snappable shatter, honeycomb has a dry, crumbly texture, making it easy to dose out for dabs or to sprinkle onto a bowl to knock things up a notch. Better bring your own spice weasel though.

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