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WLE Hood Candyz X Lemon Grab Honeycomb


Hybrid    THC 74.41%    CBG 0.21 %  

Primary Terpenes:    

β-caryophyllene 0.87%    ∂-limonene 0.62%    β-myrcene 0.24%


So Hood Candyz and Lemon Grab is what you get when you absolutely love Why U Gelly, but you want to play with the flavors a little more and lean hard on the supreme relaxation. Why U Gelly, of course, is the product of Gelato and The Don Mega, two evenly balanced hybrids. Gelato is well-known for its uplifting heady effects and subtle body high, while The Don Mega offers a pure heady unfocused bliss. 

Hood Candyz adds Runtz to Why U Gelly, giving it a creative spacey high that’s great for snowboarding and adding notes of pine to the sugary candy flavor profile. Lemon Grab throws some Lemon Tree into the mix, with a sharp super sour lemon and diesel taste. In a honeycomb extract, you get to experience every microgram of this unique hybrid’s terpenes and enjoy its distinguished composition.

Hood Candyz x Lemon Grab offers a high that’s relaxed and slightly numbing, complemented by enough heady stimulation to keep you from nodding all the way off. Still, we recommend saving it for afternoon or evening time so you don’t have to be far from your bed when the high gives way to a pleasant drowsiness.

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The first thing that drew us to White Label Extracts was obviously the quality of their product. White Label specializes in light hydrocarbon extractions using butane hash oil (BHO) and propane hash oil (PHO) extraction methods. To ensure the safety of these volatile chemicals, all of the solvents are purchased at 99.5% purity, minimum, before being distilled to 99.9%. Then, after extraction, the resulting product is subjected to a vacuum purging process to make sure that any residual solvent is as close to zero parts-per-million as is scientifically possible.
This process leaves no room for error, and so the result is an extremely potent, premium extract that has been through multiple stages of quality control to ensure safety and consistency. White Label Extracts strives to have a strong emphasis on providing their products at an affordable price because they believe safe, well-tested product should be available to all demographics.
Founded in 2015 by Will Thysell, White Label had a rocky relaunch due to their transition to an OLCC-licensed facility, but they quickly recovered and went on to be recognized by Leafly as one of Oregon’s best cannabis extractors in 2018. Praised for the consistency of their product, White Label focuses on reproducible excellence, ensuring that they capture every bolt of lightning in the bottle to share that excitement with their customers.
Another thing we love about White Label Extracts is their commitment to openness, transparency, and high ethical standards. Like Pot Mates, they only work with high-quality farms that don’t use pesticides to grow their flowers. Their philosophy is built on lasting partnerships with farmers who share similar ideals and the same consistently high standards.
Finally, it’s not enough for White Label Extracts to be the only ones focused on safety and quality. Even before the state of Oregon required it, White Label was testing their products’ terpene and pesticide content. They demanded higher testing standards for the industry so they could be confident in what they were selling to customers.
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