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WLE Tangie Biscotti Honeycomb


Hybrid     THC 83.9%     CBG 0.39%    

Primary Terpenes: 

Linalool 0.55%    β-caryophyllene 0.47%    β-myrcene 0.21%


Tangie Biscotti is one of those specialty cultivar hybrids that could only come from Oregon. It was inevitable that someone would eventually think to cross Tangie with GSC, and we’re sure glad they did.

Linalool leads the terpene profile here, kicking off its calming anxiolytic effects and giving it an aroma of cookie dough sweetness. You can also expect some orange zest and a healthy dose of lavender. β-myrcene and β-caryophyllene contribute to that feeling of peace, but it’s the α-pinene that helps creatives reach that coveted flow state. White Label Extracts’ Tangie Biscotti has a high that’s as rich and sophisticated as its bouquet. It’s like having noise-cancelling headphones for your brain, dialing down the background so you can focus on what really matters to you. Some enjoy this for meditation, others for writing, but everyone agrees it’s your shortcut to getting in the zone.

White Label Extracts’s Honeycomb isn’t sticky like other extracts, so it’s easy to break off exactly the right amount every time and you don’t have to worry about any of it melting away before you’re ready.

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