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WLE Where’s My Bike 1 gram Vape Cartridge


Hybrid    THC 71.11%    CBD 0.13 %   

Primary Terpenes:    

Terpinolene 6.154%    Ocimene 1.175%  β-caryophyllene 0.928%


This strain is called “Where’s My Bike?” because naming it “Where’s My Car?” would imply an unfortunate correlation between smoking weed and driving—which we do not recommend. Especially not after vaping it. 

There’s only one way to describe the feeling you get from Where’s My Bike: stupid high. Expect instant (but temporary) amnesia as soon as you take a hit and settle in for a cerebral haze that will cloud your mind like an early morning fog. For people who experience persistent looping negative thoughts, this can be the wrench in the spokes that finally breaks the cycle. You won’t remember anything, especially your troubles.

Don’t expect to be couch-locked, either! We highly recommend sticking to foot or bicycle transportation when you inevitably get the urge to get out and do something. Where’s My Bike? also has a flavor that is incomparably unique, like bubblegum mixed with Old Bay. This Live Extract captures the flavor perfectly, making this a great strain for after dinner.

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