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Point Break#1 $40.00$260.00



Hybrid- Indica     THC 22.8%    CBG 0.12%

Grown by Resin Ranchers

Primary Terpenes: Unavailable


Zoundz! Whoze idea waz it to spell “soap” with a z? We don’t know exactly how this strain from Resin Ranchers got its name, but the first thing its aroma calls to mind is soap. Not like bathroom soap, but like fancy decorative hand soaps no one actually expects you to use. Zoap smells uniquely floral with notes of mint and sweet candy over a dark bed of gas and musk.

This is a good bud for grinding up and packing into a blunt. It’s not too sticky, it burns nice and even, and it smells as much like potpourri as it does like weed. Smoke Zoap and you’ll be in for a clear, relaxing high. It’s cerebral and physical at the same time, lulling you into a luminous liminal state that’ll have you counting the number of ls in this little sentence.

Zoap is a perfect complement to creativity and productivity, great for all you freelance creative professionals out there. We see you, and you’re doing great. It also stimulates conversation, helping you connect with people more deeply.

This is from the tippy top of the top shelf, one of those rare strains that make us so grateful we got into the business. Pot Mates Connoisseur Collection consists of the finest flower from the greatest craft growers in Oregon, grown with extreme care and meticulously cured. These flowers are pungent and exotic, sparkling with trichomes, and overflowing with terpenes.

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