Why Pot Mates?

Since the beginning, everything Pot Mates done has been designed for one purpose: to make buying cannabis online the best experience it could possibly be. And we think we do it better than anyone else possibly could. We understand the technology, the chemistry, and the botany, and we’ve built a system that lets you easily choose the right cannabis strain and get it hand-delivered to your door in less than two hours with absolutely no hassles.

The decisions we’ve made about why Pot Mates works the way it does revolve around making sure you only have to answer one question: How do you need to feel today?

We thought this through. A lot.

What if you could spend less time sorting through dozens and dozens of options? And instead shop for what you wanted quickly so you could spend more time actually enjoying it? You shouldn’t need a degree in biochemistry to get the kind of high you want.

You’re looking for a specific terpene profile or a particular percentage of THC—you’re looking for an experience, a feeling. We’ve done all of the research required to bring you seven to eight unique moods from each product category that are informed by the latest developments in the study of cannabinoids. Of course, the chemistry can only tell you so much, so we also try and verify our products’ quality with our own personal experience, informed by decades of collective experimentation. We’re not going to sell you anything we don’t enjoy ourselves, and we have very high standards.

Because you should decide what product you buy based on how it’s going to make you feel, not how much it costs. You shouldn’t have to settle for a different experience than the one you want just because of the shelf it’s on. Our only shelf is the top shelf.

If you know which product you want because you need to feel that way today, we aren’t going to make you choose between how you want to feel and which product is a “bargain.” We’ve done away with all that. Prices only change based on the quantity you purchase or between categories, flower, edibles, vape cartridges, and concentrates.

We chose a price we think is fair across the board and will not raise it just because one product costs us a little bit more than another. We are also not going to charge more simply because one product is in higher demand. And we are not going to charge more just because other companies can get away with it.

Pot Mates chose to build a company that lets you decide how you want to feel because you deserve to be able to make that decision. And everything we do makes sure this is the only decision you will have to make with us.

We figured if a pot leaf has seven points, that number must be special for a reason, so we try and carry seven core products and save a spot for a special product or deal in case we can do something cool with the addition.

Life’s too short to consume bad product and we aren’t going to ask you to sort through an encyclopedia-length menu to figure out which is best. To select our strains, we codified the cannabinoids and terpenes related to the desirable effects of cannabis, then we sampled dozens of strains to find the specific feelings you might be looking for—the perfect high.

Of course, the perfect high is very subjective, and often determined by context. There’s no one strain that is perfect,—if there were, it would be the only one we carry,—but there is a perfect strain for every occasion, and we put a lot of work into finding it. Whether you want to feel more creative, more relaxed, or just more high than you’ve ever been before in your life, we have the strain for you. The strain,—we’re not going to burden you with an overabundance of choice.

We toured local dispensaries, connected with the growers in our area, and then pared down our selection to the best of the absolute best. It starts with how we source our bud. Our cannabis comes exclusively from farms with sustainable grow operations that give back to the communities that support them. No middle man. We personally select every product you can buy from us and don’t let distributors influence which products we sell. We are so selective because we think you are too, and we want to make life a little easier for you.

We’ve done everything we can to maximize the benefits of being an online-only retailer, and one big benefit is reducing the amount of decision fatigue you have to endure just to buy some cannabis. “Fatigued” is like the exact opposite of how we want you to feel. We’ve taken care of all of that deliberation already, so you have to make the fewest possible decisions to get the experience you want.

We include Terpene test results for you to review if you really want to delve into the science, and if you want to know what it actually feels like, our copywriter has sampled everything and written up detailed experience reports. (You can imagine how tough it was for them to agree to this.)

We also created a mood set for different terpene combinations and the experience of our reviewers so you can quickly see which products promise which feelings. Each of our products will be marked with a mood icon so you can know at a glance what to expect.

We curate our selection to offer a wide range of feelings so you can always come to us to find what you need. And you won’t have to dig for hours searching for it.