Why PotMates?

Why Pot Mates?

Since the beginning, everything PotMates  has done has been designed for one purpose: to make buying cannabis online the best experience it could possibly be. And we think we do it better than anyone else possibly could. We understand the technology, the chemistry, and the botany, and we’ve built a system that lets you easily choose the right cannabis strain and get it hand-delivered to your door in less than two hours with absolutely no hassles.

The decisions we’ve made about why Pot Mates works the way it does revolve around making sure you only have to answer one question: How do you need to feel today?

We thought this through. A lot.

What if you could spend less time sorting through dozens and dozens of options? And instead shop for what you wanted quickly so you could spend more time actually enjoying it? You shouldn’t need a degree in biochemistry to get the kind of high you want.

You’re looking for a specific terpene profile or a particular percentage of THC—you’re looking for an experience, a feeling. We’ve done all of the research required to bring you seven to eight unique moods from each product category that are informed by the latest developments in the study of cannabinoids. Of course, the chemistry can only tell you so much, so we also try and verify our products’ quality with our own personal experience, informed by decades of collective experimentation. We’re not going to sell you anything we don’t enjoy ourselves, and we have very high standards.

How does PotMates know how the products will make me feel?
We analyze the test results of each product.  Based upon the terpene and cannabinoid profile we can make an educated determination of how a product should make you feel.  Keep in mind that cannabis affects every consumer differently.
Each of our products are tagged with emoji based mood icons that we created to help you determine how products will make you feel based upon their terpene and cannabinoid profile.
PotMates’ Dispensary menu is curated to offer products that have a wide range of affects so you can have the predictable cannabis experience you desire every time.
What does each of the mood icons indicate?

Activate -get active, fight fatigue

Calm- helps manage anxiety

Dream- for a good night’s sleep

Flow- stimulates thought and creativity

Lift- elevate your mood to happy

Relieve- helps manage pain and discomfort 


Why PotMates?

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call us prior to ordering. We are happy to help in your selection of cannabis products.


Minimum Required Order is $25

Customer Must Be At Least 21 Years Of Age

ID Required Upon Delivery


Hours Of Operation: Daily 11AM-8PM

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