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Buddies - Buddies | Tangelo Kush Live Resin | 1g
Buddies | Tangelo Kush Live Resin | 1g
THC: 80.8%
Sometimes you need a little pick me up that will leave you energized and ready to face the day ahead of you. This Tangelo strain is exactly that, with an energizing high that will leave you feeling like you are on top of the world. Get ready to fight stress and fatigue with even just the smallest hit from this cartridge, since the THC percentage is so high. While the effects of Tangelo are amazing, they don’t even begin to compare to the amazing taste and aroma of this strain. There are small notes of tropical fruit, but the most noticeable aroma is the tangerine/orange juice that just envelopes you. With its bright and pleasurable aromas, and flavors, this is a strain you are going to want to share with everyone. Tangelo is perfect for daytime smokers who still need the ability to focus on tasks and get things done. Creating a productive and focused high, this strain is meant to be smoked when you need a little boost to get through the day. Can be smoked alone or with friends, though it is definitely better when shared. In addition to helping with depression and anxiety, it will also help with any physical pain you might be feeling. Great for eliminating inflammation and soothing joints, Tangelo is ideal if you need to be up and about without feeling uncomfortable. Definitely more for experienced smokers, since those with less of a tolerance might find themselves getting more unfocused.
1 gram
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