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Doobies - Doobies | Grape Cream Cake Pre-rolls | 10pk
Doobies | Grape Cream Cake Pre-rolls | 10pk
THC: 22.64%
It's a good thing Doobies already took the liberty of grinding this flower and rolling it up for you, because Grape Cream Cake's buds are so sticky, they'd clog your grinder before you even ground up a gram. If only you could see the trichomes for yourself...but don't worry, you still get the best part. Grape Cream Cake is best known for its undeservedly delicious taste. Seriously, weed doesn't need to be tasty, but isn't it nice when it turns out that way? Grape Cream Cake, as you can probably guess, has the rich fruity flavor of a bowl of fresh grapes smothered in the sweet creamy goodness of a bowl of Froot Loops. It's as close as you can get to a sorbet that's still technically smoke you have to inhale. Use an ice filter and you'll see what we mean. The number one effect people report from smoking Grape Cream Cake is sleepiness, so if you like to have a midnight toke to banish the Sunday Scaries and get your rest, this preroll pack will do the trick. You'll feel happily calm and relaxed, ready to let your mind wander behind your eyelids until it’s daytime again.
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