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Doobies - Doobies | Lemon Batter Pre-rolls | 10pk
Doobies | Lemon Batter Pre-rolls | 10pk
THC: 27.2%
Everybody loves cake, but sometimes the best part is before you even preheat the oven, when all that gooey sugary batter is dripping from the beaters just begging to be licked. We know, we know—you're not supposed to because it has raw eggs—but it's just so tasty! Lemon Batter is the exact same way, minus the salmonella (we tested for that.) It's prelude, overture, and palate cleanser all in one. Lemon Batter is sweet, cakey, and utterly irresistible. It's got a bright citrus flavor you can smell right through the box, a smooth buttery smoke, and a little bit of gassy diesel on the exhale. You won't want to put it down, so make sure to invite a couple friends over before you light up or you'll end up smoking the whole thing yourself—which isn't necessarily a bad thing! You do you, fam. The high is really spectacular as well. It will get your mouth watering like the smell of a cooling on the counter, filling you with a sense of excitement and anticipation at the treats to come. This is a good daytime strain, as it boosts your mood without any unexpected crash later. It also pairs well with cake.

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