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Dr. Jolly's - Dr. Jolly's Diamond J's | Mac J Diamonds Infused Pre-Roll | 1g
Dr. Jolly's Diamond J's | Mac J Diamonds Infused Pre-Roll | 1g
THC: 41.05%
Either somebody meant to write "MAC #1" on the tag and slipped, or this is one of the most mysterious strains to come out of Dr. Jolly's since Black D.O.G. They love to keep things close to the vest, and Mac J is a diamond in the rough. This Diamond J doubles down, and you're going to love the way it helps you relax. Right away, the incense-like aroma of the smoke coming out of this joint will put you at ease. Its light woodiness gives way to notes of coffee and hops, and if you can manage a French inhale, you'll also be treated to a lightening twist of lemon. That's how you know the good stuff is really getting going. Mac J is supremely relieving, sending waves of bliss rippling through your extremities. But check that label before you light it up—this joint is infused with Dr. Jolly's purest form of cannabis extract. Their diamonds are essentially crystallized THC, and you'll definitely notice the difference as soon as you take a toke. This Mac J Diamond J is for special occasions with lots of friends who all have the tolerance to withstand its brunt.
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