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Grown Rogue - Grown Rogue | Lemon Pepper Pre Rolls | 10pk
Grown Rogue | Lemon Pepper Pre Rolls | 10pk
THC: 23.41%
There's the weed you smoke to get blazed, the weed you smoke to go to sleep, the weed you share with friends, and then there's the weed you smoke when you have the day to yourself and you just want to enjoy your own company for a change. Lemon Pepper is the strain of choice for those latter two. Its moderate THC content and potent terpene profile set it in a league of its own for creative euphoria. Lemon Pepper delivers a fast-acting, clear-headed high that comes on almost before you've even had the chance to exhale. Lemon Cooler and Lemon Pebbles combine to make this natural performance enhancer, and the result is everything we love about sativas with none of the anxiety or paranoia that can accompany some landrace strains. With an iconic smell and distinctive flavor, Lemon Pepper is great for daytime use. If you like to wake-and-bake, its peppery spice will clear out your sinuses and its sugary citrus exhale will act as a palate cleanser to clear your plate for the rest of the day. If you're an afternoon toker, it may just be the pick-me-up you need to power through that 2:30 energy dip.
5.0 grams
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