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Holiday - Holiday | Rainbow Runtz x Ice Cream Cake Infused Pre-roll | 1g
Holiday | Rainbow Runtz x Ice Cream Cake Infused Pre-roll | 1g
THC: 40.05%
CBD: 0.35%
This preroll will have you trying to lick the wallpaper to see if the fruit pattern tastes as good as it looks. Do the strawberries taste like strawberries? These are the kinds of questions that will flood your mind after indulging in this tasty Rainbow Runtz preroll. If you don't know Rainbow Runtz, you might be familiar with its parents, Zkittlez and DoSiDos. Those in the know already know that Rainbow Runtz is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain guaranteed to make cannoisseurs smile. It tastes as close to a handful of candy can while still technically being combustible flower. Close your eyes when you exhale, and you'll be surrounded by the scent of ripe apricots, flowering lavender, and the damp earth after the first rain of spring. Rainbow Runtz delivers an elevating experience at first, rising slowly like a crescendo rippling through your entire body. Then Ice Cream Cake takes over. That's right, this preroll is infused with rosin that will have you lifted and relaxed like it was your birthday the whole time, a relaxing body high that lets you coast through the after-party until the next celebration kicks off. It accentuates the Rainbow Runtz high with an extra helping of chill euphoria.
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