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White Label Extracts - White Label Extracts | Sherbcake Sugar Sauce | 1g
White Label Extracts | Sherbcake Sugar Sauce | 1g
THC: 69.32%
Cannabis strain names are kind of like German nouns. The best ones tell their own little stories. Like Bezirksschornsteinfegermeister—"head district chimney sweep"—Sherbcake sounds like it was dreamt up at a wedding reception when someone could't decide what dessert to put on their plate and just grabbed the first two things they saw. Sherbcake, as you probably guessed, is the offspring of Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Cake. This Sugar Sauce from White Label Extracts gives the impression that the groom chose a rum cake and the best man slipped the baker a 20 to double the spirits in the batter. It's got a sweet sugary flavor with a faint hint of vanilla on the nose, and the Wedding Cake counteracts the harshness of the Sunset Sherbet exhale. You'll feel as relaxed with Sherbcake as the sister of the bride who's already been married twelve years. It's got a sense of quiet introspection and appreciation that lets you see clearly how far you've come as a person and get an inkling of how much further you have yet to go. The pervasive calm that follows will have you reassuring everyone that everything is going to be all right.
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